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Math Olympiad Summer Camp - Aurora

In K12 Building Block Aurora Math Olympiad Summer Camp, Each day, SK and grade 1 students will have one class reviewing basic math knowledge, such as number sense, shape, pattern, time and money.  and one class learning fun Olympiad math, boost problem analyzing and solving skills,  Teacher will help students with their questions, and review with them after practice. Besides math class, camp will be fulfilled with fun  art classes and variable outdoor activities, such as basketball, soccer and games.  Camp is located at Hartman Public School. 

Date: July 5-12, July 12-16, July 19-23, July 26-30, Aug 2-6, Aug 9-13

LEGO Robotics
Summer Camps - Aurora

It’s never too early to discover STEM. LEGO Robotics Summer Camp focuses on building early interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through a real-world challenge using research, critical thinking, and imagination. Expand your skills and knowledge this summer with K12 Building Blocks Lego Robotics Summer Camp. 

Date: July 5-9, July 12-16, July 19-23

Computer Programming Camp

Learn one of today’s most popular programming languages from our expert teachers. Python is designed to be concise, elegant and powerful. It is widely used in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Financial Analysis, WEB development, Automated Operation and Maintenance, Testing, etc. Explore the endless possibility with Python——the excellent comprehensive language!Join us this summer, enjoy a variety of fantastic programs, in Aurora K12 Building Blocks Summer Camp

Date: July 26-30, Aug 3-6, Aug 9-13

Early Bird Special 15% Off

Early Bird Special 15% off

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Must register before  June 22, 2021

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What Our parents and students say

Wonderful summer camp for my little son, he always loves to play LEGO at home, I signed him up for 2 weeks of LEGO Robotics camp. He enjoyed very much. the camp teacher also sent to me many pictures and videos about my son, so I know how he is doing in the camp. Thanks very much! K12 Building Blocks summer camp is great!


I signed up my two kids for 2 weeks Math and Arts camp at the beginning, and ended up signing up for all 6 weeks. Michael and Anna liked the camp very much, they loved it and enjoyed everyday. The camp full of fun indoor and outdoor activities and very educational as well.


The computer programming teacher was fun and professional, I learned a lot from him, and made many friends. The 2 weeks of the programming camp was too short, I wish it could be 3 or 4 weeks, so I could learn more advanced programming skills.


My two kids spent six weeks in the camp. They had math and English every day, but never complained! Because they said there were lots of fun games and our door activities, so they never felt bored. The K12 Building Blocks teachers always help them when they have questions about math or English. I also got to know how their math and English level are, the teachers communicated with me each day. This is a fanatic camp!