K12 Building Blocks is an Ontario based non-profit organization.

 We are committed to developing students’ learning, leadership and well-being. 

We offer an incredible variety of interesting projects such as robotics, computer programming, math, chorus, drama, painting and sports.
We also have variable tutor program including math, English, French and other subjects.

In summer, we offer fun and educational camps at public school campuses near you. 

The founders of K12 Building Blocks believe that youth are always eager to learn what they are really interested.

Children never fear to play their blocks in variety way, so do their knowledge, skill set and personalities.

I am committed to creating an interesting based and teamwork driven learning environment.

K12 Building Blocks is a non-profit organization. Our slogan is "knowledge is not for franchisable", that means we manage the operation cost in professional manner and always be able to offer great programs at unbeatable prices to our customer.