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How to register to a K12BB forum member - 如何注册成为论坛用户

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1. 在论坛主页上点击 “Register”, 进入注册页面。

 Click "Register" on the homepage of the forum to enter the registration page.

2. 注册页面中,你需要 1. 填写你想要的用户名,2. 填写您用来接受激活邮件的电子邮箱,3. 勾选“我不是机器人”,4. 勾选同意接收邮件的声明,5. 点击“Register”按钮。

In the registration page, you need to, 1. create a user name, 2. fill in a valid email address in order to receive the activation email, 3. check "I am not a robot", 4. check on the Email Confidentiality Disclaimer. 5, click the "Register" button 

3. 检查你的电子邮箱,你收到一封来自 WordPress 的邮件,打开它,点击第一个链接。

Check your email box, you should've received an email from WordPress, open it, and click the first hyperlink.

4. 在开启的新页面里设置您的登陆密码。

Reset your log-in password on the new pop-out page.



Congratulations, you have registered to our forum, now you can log in, download and upload your homework.

Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2020 6:34 pm